70th Annual Meeting

The Mercer County Soil & Water Conservation District held it's 70th Annual Meeting on January 6, 2016.  It was held at the USDA Building in Aledo, IL.  Three directors were elected to serve 2 year terms.  They are Brian Cirks, Ken Reinhardt and Gordon Vrana.  All three were incumbents running for a new term in office.  The meeting reviewed and approved the previous years minutes and treasurer's reports.  There were reports given by Joe Gates, District Conservationist and Bill Joseph, Resource Conservationist.  Brian Cirks, Chairman also reported on the conditions of Soil and Water Conservation Districts under the current funding crisis.  The meeting concluded with refreshments and discussion.

Rural Residents Workshop

The Mercer County Soil & Water Conservation District will be hosting a Rural Residents Workshop on Saturday March 12th at the Sherrard Fire Station.  The purpose of this meeting is to bring information on assistance and programs available to help homeowners who live in the country.  We will discuss things like home beautification, woodland management, pasture management, pond construction and maintenance, aggro-enterprises, Native plantings, Pollinator Habitat along with others...  Call the SWCD office in Aledo at (309) 582-5153 ext3 for more information of to make reservations.