SWCD Partial Suspension Of Funding

             FROM DIRECTOR PHILIP NELSON- Regrettably, I am informing you that the Illinois Department of Agriculture must suspend $2.8 Million from its total FY 15 $7.5 Million appropriation for grants to all local Soil and Water Conservation Districts. This suspension is a direct result of the effort to correct the $1.6 Billion budget gap the State of Illinois is currently facing and is being implemented in accordance with Section 5-FISCAL FUNDING of the current IDOA-SWCD grant agreement. All state grant programs are being reviewed for similar suspensions....Under the suspension plan no additional funding will be allocated to SWCD's for the remainder of FY 15. Also, based on the suspension, SWCD's will not receive any funding for cost-share on conservation projects in FY15.  While $8419 for each SWCD will not significantly cover regular expenses, it's hoped that the funding will enable SWCD's to continue their operations into the new fiscal year starting July 1, 2015 (FY 16).


            SPRINGFIELD, Ill. – The Illinois Department of Agriculture is encouraging farmers and agrichemical facilities to save their empty agrichemical containers.  The department announced today it has arranged to recycle them. Beginning at the end of July and continuing in August, sites throughout the state will collect containers.  The containers will be recycled to make shipping pallets, fence posts, drainage tubing, plastic lumber and other useful products.     

            Metal and household pesticide containers are not eligible for the recycling program.  Collection sites will accept only high-density polyethylene, #2 plastic, agrichemical containers that are clean and dry.  Participants are responsible for rinsing them and removing all caps, labels, booklets and foil seals.  

To obtain a free brochure about the program, call the Illinois Department of Agriculture toll free at 1-800-641-3934.